Adding value to the invisibility of typefaces: Jean François Porchez at TYPO Berlin 2015

Jean François Porchez speaking at TYPO Berlin 2015

TYPO Berlin is in its 20th year running as Europe’s biggest and most successful design event. And since 2011, annual TYPO conferences have also been held to wide acclaim in San Francisco and London. In an eclectic mix of talks, influential thinkers cover social trends, ideas, concepts, technological innovation and the valid principles of good design. For the first time, Jean François Porchez will speak at TYPO Berlin about how adding value to the invisibility of typefaces.

Type@Paris: apply to the summer 2015 typeface design program in Paris

Type@Paris: apply to the summer 2015 typeface design program in Paris

Since many years, graphic designers, customers ask us questions about where they could learn to create typefaces without taking a year off at MATD or KABK. This is in order to respond to what’s missing in Europe, particularly in France, that we have decided to work on this project since summer 2014. We’re now proud to announce the launch of this new Typofonderie activity. Type@Paris is the first intensive type design program in Paris, offering a unique approach in Europe to learn type design from scratch (or almost) following a long tradition of curriculum started in France in the 70’s.

In use: The program of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, set in Anisette by Anette Lenz

Sublimate graphic design with good typography, Anette Lenz

Anette Lenz designed recently the program of the Musée des arts décoratifs, in Paris, with Anisette, a Typofonderie font. We went to meet her and ask her a few questions. Anette Lenz is a graphic designer from Germany, based in France since several years. Working from a Paris-based studio, she travels often because she enjoys sharing her passion for design with students in many countries, such as HEAD School in Geneva, Switzerland. She has many remarkable collaborations & clients…

Fête du Graphisme 2015: Roundtable as part of Sacrés caractères short movies

Fête du Graphisme 2015: Table ronde dans le cadre de la projection de Sacrés caractères

As part of the Fête du Graphisme 2015, projection of 12 short movies called Sacrés caractères: Times, Futura, Helvetica, Mistral, Bodoni, Garamond and many others. The film crew including Thomas Sipp, Damien Gautier and Valérianne Boué will be present. This is also an opportunity to honor this essential discipline of graphic arts and unknown to the public, typeface design. “A roundtable hosted by Philippe Di Folco will include typographers, typeface designers including Jean François Porchez.”(Fête du Graphisme 2015: Table ronde dans le cadre de la projection de Sacrés caractères)”“!:/gazette/post/fete-du-graphisme-sacres-caracteres-at-arts-decoratifs/