2003’ Relaunch

In December 2003, typofonderie.com was relaunched after a major redesign from scratch for the first time in its existence. This new version of the website is a major step who let us able to manage the content online directly and more easily. It was the only way to propose in the future, OpenType families too. This time, rather than doing most of the design himself, Jean François Porchez asked to Jérôme Vogel to do it. So, we contacted him to learn more about the process.

ATypI report 2003 for France

In 2003, we launched a new website in French, www.typographe.com where a team (opened to all francophone, from Belgium to Canada) publishes various news on typography during the year. The intention of this platform is to become the dominant tool to compile most of things happened in France related to typography. Indeed, visitors are allowed to post their comments.