On type classifications

Classifications of Typefaces is an endless activity. Many books cover the subject, and try to adapt, optimise the system. There is no perfect system, I still use The Vox ATypI system mainly as terminology to describe typefaces. Maximilien Vox, founder of the Rencontres Internationale de Lure, its author said repeatedly that his system should work by combining the names of categories

Ardoise demo version

Generally various samples, pdfs, online testing help to see if a typeface can be appropriate to a new project. But is only when you have the fonts installed that you can really confirm that the expected quality is there. The first feedback is positive, but even better you can see by yourself, with this Ardoise PRO Narrow Demi in Demo version. Its not a full font, but a real demo, with its own limitations. No need to register to our website, just download the zip file and install the font. The Read me file explain few things about this font.