Young Type Lovers: What to do?

Its interesting to see a group of students producing a video about font piracy in design schools. Conducting interviews of various people from students — who actually use illegal fonts — to typeface designers, teachers and so on. Its a good topic about something that many people doing everyday (& not only students), without speaking and saying anything about it. Based on what I have understand from this nice video, is that learning more about the value of typefaces will help a lot. A step to the right direction.

Best wishes 2013

Best wishes for this new year 2013. We wish you a year ahead full of promise and success. All our best wishes for happiness and prosperity. Thanks to all for your great support, we prepare a lot of new things for the forthcoming year!

France looks at Le Monde set in le Monde Livre Classic

Okay, we agree that that isn’t a symbol at the level of 2007 Obama campaign set in H&FJ’s Gotham, still we are very happy to announce that the French presidency website, Élysé use Le Monde Livre Classic as principal headline typeface.

Typofonderie recent move

Typofonderie recent move

Since we moved earlier this month, some friends asked to see how looklike our new place. Here it is in images. We are still in Clamart but closer to the train station which is about 6 minutes by train from the Gare Montparnasse. The team is very happy with the move, great space, good lighting, and a bonus room dedicated to our library, including a comfortable sofa, we all promised to use in order to fall asleep with a good book about typography in hands.

Le Monde Livre Classic revisited

Le Monde Livre Classic PRO by Jean François Porchez for Typofonderie

This typeface was conceived as an extra version of the Le Monde Livre. A typeface family featuring a lot of traditional elements revisited in a contemporary manner, not as a typeface revival. Designing a typeface in the nineties featuring ligatures, special variation of many glyphs, vignettes and ornaments wasn’t perfect. Specially for the users. So, with advanced OpenType technology as in common use today, it was obvious that a revamp of this typeface would be a good initiative.