Mac OS installation
Our fonts are compressed as .zip. They should open easily by a double click to your desktop

Installation on MacOs 10.8 and earlier

— Quit all applications before installation.

— On MacOs 10.3 and later, use the FontBook to install your fonts, it that case, just click on the font to launch Fontbook and follow the procedure. Or launch FontBook, then, from File menu select “Add fonts…” to find the decompress folder in your desktop.

— Alternative version: To let all users of the computer access the fonts, use the FontBook or drag/copy the fonts into the main fonts folder (Apple references 1, 2, 3, the last two as pdf) in your Library folder at the root of the hard drive: /Library/Fonts/ (admin login required). To be the only user of that fonts, drag or copy the fonts into the local fonts folder (Apple references) in your own user Library folder: /Users//Library/Fonts/.

Third party font manager

With Mac Os X and its various font folders, a third party font manager can be another good choice, please to their own websites for comparisons: Font Reserve, FontAgent, Suitcase, MasterJuggler. Apple recently added some tutorials with QuickTime movies about fonts on Mac Os X.