Time to time, we receive this question about kerning settings in Adobe Indesign: How to set kerning option: Zero, Metrics or Opticals? The best answer is Metrics. But sometimes for fonts with bad kerning or no kerning at all, Opticals can offer nice results. Opticals can be useful also in case of large sizes settings, as an alternative to Metrics. Just recall when you apply Metrics, you will activate the kerning present in the font as the designer created them. Few images to be more clear…

Kerning between T and y is Zero

Kerning between T and y is -110 as the designer added to the font

Kerning between T and y is -122 as the automatic kerning was set, based on average contexts

Download the Indesign file
set in Myriad and 3 large sizes png, set in Ardoise, a Typofonderie typeface.