We are “experts in love” with the type design. Very committed to compliance with codes of our trade, quality, creativity, taste for well done work & design innovation are our engine. We create, publish and distribute works, books & softwares in the fields of graphic and typographic design. A career at Typofonderie & ZeCraft offers the opportunity to contribute to our trade, quality, creativity and good design. Please contact us with usual portofolio, your résumé or curriculum vitae and tell more about your convictions. We work with freelances; interns are welcome and good start for a longer collaboration. To publish your typeface by Typofonderie check this page.


Please contact us if interested to be intern with us. Note that good skills with Béziers curves, knowledge of FontLab, Glyphs, Robofont (along with class kern, OpenType features), a small experience in typedesign calligraphy is required. You will learn a lot here, we have great ressources, include a large library on typography and typeface design.

Past interns have included Elsa Audouin, Lucie Alvado, Naïma Ben Ayed, Chloé Berthaudin, Benjamin Blaess, Camille Boulouis, Amélie Boutry, Laurent Bourcellier, Clément Ducerf, Margot Duvivier, Stéphane Elbaz, Thierry Fétiveau (x2), Léo Guibert, Axelle Hajduk, Sophie Huffschmitt , Audrey Julien, Chorong Kim, Jérémy Landes Nones, Milo Levin, Morgane Pambrun, Octavio Pardo Virto, Julie Patat, Sónia da Rocha, Marc Rouault (x2), Clara Sfarti…