➽ Typeface designers publised by Typofonderie are Xavier Dupré, Stéphane Elbaz, Bruno Mello, Aurélien Vret and of course Jean François Porchez. Visit the dedicated section.

➽ The team working for Typofonderie, ZeCraft and TypeParis is composed of designers, typeface designers around the two associates. Freelancers are regularly assigned for certain projects.

Jean François Porchez

Founder of Typofonderie, type director of ZeCraft, Jean François Porchez is one of the pioneers of digital typography. Transmitter of knowledge and discoverer of talents, teamwork is at the heart of his concerns. It is also for these reasons that he launched TypeParis in 2015.

After training as a graphic designer, during which he focused on type design, Jean François Porchez (1964) worked as a type director at Dragon Rouge, then at Le Monde newspaper in early 90s. He was President of the Association Typographique Internationale in 2004–2007. Founder and head of ECV Master design & Typography between 2011-2019. He is board member of the Club des Directeurs Artistiques in Paris and member of the Type Directors Club in New York.

He was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot in 1998 and numerous prizes for his typefaces. Introduced to French Who’s Who in 2009. In 2014, Perrousseaux publishes his monograph. Knight in the order of Arts and Letters in 2015. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron use his typefaces for his communication since 2017.

Véronique Porchez

After 20 years in the fashion industry, Véronique Porchez (1967) joins Typofonderie in 2011 as associate. She manages licensing, new developments and brings her relationship skills to build and implement new designers into Typofonderie Label.

She studied fashion design and starts her career in the most prestigious French fashion haute-couture’s houses (Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Hervé Léger). She acquires her demand for the best quality in terms of products and materials, to build brands with a long term vision and its ability to telling their own story.

Specialized in business & purchasing development, she builds her “savoir-faire” in structuring, development, analyzing, organization, negotiation, long term partnerships building. After an International Purchasing Management Master Degree at Essec (2010). Amazon mandated her to create the clothing shop for the French market: business and purchasing strategy, sourcing suppliers, pricing, product selection, she implements the first European Partnerships at Amazon that she coordinates with the companies concerned.

Joachim Vu

After studies in graphic design and years of painting letters on walls, Joachim started drawing type on his free time while working as a web designer. Along the way he had the opportunity do to lettering jobs for various local and international clients and design agencies. His love for scripts and calligraphy led to his first released typeface Vicomte FY in 2014.

Élodie Tournier

Type designer trained at the Esad, Amiens.

Léo Guibert

Type designer trained at DSAA Estienne, Paris, and Esad, Amiens.