Founded in 1994, Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry in France, designing, manufacturing and distributing a selection of high quality typefaces for adventurous digital typographers. This is the first place in the world to buy our digital fonts.

Typographical expertise

Typofonderie propose font licenses with direct downloads from 1999. The today expertise of Typofonderie enables to distribute exclusive typeface designs from a selection of typeface designers. Each year, hundreds of customers from all over the world bought fonts directly through our website The best experience still remain to buy directly: our PRO collection is fully exclusive, font distributors sold only the STD collection. A complete comparison is available on the page PRO fonts versus STD fonts. Printed typeface specimens are sent only to our direct customers.

Keep contact

There are various ways to contact us, or keep contact. The first thing is the usual contact page with all necessary info. Next, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. Besides this, twitter or behance, dribbble, instagram are good places to stay in touch and exchange views on typography.

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We rarely send our newsletters, but generally it’s to announce launch of new typefaces.

Newsletter October 2021: Astronef Super, a futuristic typeface in 7 styles
Newsletter July 2021: Allumi Inline, multi-colors display family in 42 fonts
Newsletter April 2021: Altesse, a formal script influenced by copperplate writing masters
Newsletter January 2021: Arteria, inspired by Italian signs & woodtype
Newsletter October 2020: Basco, a mix of Renaissance & tropical atmosphere
Newsletter May 2019: Audace, between geometry & shapes inspired by nature
Newsletter October 2017: Ysans, fashion style meets typography in 24 fonts
Newsletter May 2017: Mencken, an American Scotch typeface remixed à la française in 63 styles.
Newsletter January 2017: Prosaic, a Postmodern vernacular sanserif.
Newsletter September 2016: Ambroise Pro brought back to life, 15 years in the making.
Newsletter April 2016: PS Fournier, a new typeface by Stephane Elbaz.
Newsletter June 2014: Monograph launch.
Newsletter January 2014: Anisette, now in Pro version.