Typofonderie at Typofest

Jean François Porchez speaks at Typofest, Bulgaria

Typofonderie will be at Typofest, in Bulgaria for the conference day and typeface design workshop. Jean François Porchez will speaks about the visible Invisibility of Words. Together with Mathieu Réguer, the duo will conduct a letterform workshop under the TypeParis banner.

Ysans, fashion style meets typography

Ysans, fashion style meets typography by Jean Francois Porchez

Ysans is a new Typofonderie typeface. The Ysans designed by Jean François Porchez is a sanserif influenced by Cassandre lettering pieces and the geometric sanserif style from the inter-war period. Since Chanel logo, the geometric sanserif style is the favorite typographic thing in fashion. Ysans asserts this reference. Not only Haute-Couture houses use these categories of typefaces for their visual identity, but fashion magazines usually strength their layout with these geometric sanserif when a Didot isn’t used.

Mencken: An American Scotch typeface remixed à la française in 63 styles

An American Scotch typeface remixed à la française by Jean Francois Porchez

Mencken is a new Typofonderie typeface. The new typeface has sixty-three styles, divided into three widths, three optical sizes, romans, italics, borders and dingbats. Mencken is unique because it is designed according to different axis and optical sizes. Firstly, the Mencken Text is a low-contrast transitional type designed on an oblique axis, asserting horizontal, featuring open counters. On the other side of the spectrum, the Mencken Head (and narrow variations) is designed on a vertical axis, high contrast, in a contemporary Didot style.

Aurélien Vret, a multidisciplinary type designer

Interview Aurélien Vret Prosaic

Aurélien Vret is an artist who, for the first time, publishes a typeface. His approach is not usual, it does not fit into the usual patterns of the type designer, graphic designer in parallel. In fact, it seemed interesting to understand his background and to understand the interaction of his different activities. He published Prosaic with Typofonderie in 2017 after a few years of hard work on this project.