Only 5 days left until the new year 2013. This year has been fantastic for us, a structural change, a new website, the first published not in-house designer, moving to a new place, etc. It seemed so interesting to you share our pleasure. Would not it be a good idea to offer you some special offers before the last of last, the 31 December 2012?

Make it simple

5 days, 15% off on 5 typefaces families. Whether you buy a single style or a full family, for a single user or many, in Std or exclusive Pro versions, -15% will apply in the same way. The typefaces families are: Allumi, Apolline, Ambroise, Le Monde Sans, Parisine Plus. Be careful, do not wait on December 31 evening, because in the time zone of your country, the offers could already no longer be valid.

Allumi Technology in mind. 27 fonts, 2 widths

Allumi family

It’s a perfect font family for any communication concerning design, robotics, or functionality. Pushed to its extreme limits, the Allumi shapes are neither perfectly round or geometrically square. It’s a human design with a high tech touch. Allumi can be described as the Eurostyle (designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962) of the new century, mixed with Frutiger. Allumi is a serious typeface because of the unique design and sturdy form. The pure shapes can create a global presence today with an eye on the world of tomorrow.

Apolline Une Garalde en 10 séries & vignettes

Apolline family

Apolline typeface family was created as a means to study the transition from Renaissance writing into the first printing types. Rather than sticking to the method commonly used these days for the creation of revivals of Jenson or Bembo types, it seemed more interesting to try and get in the same mindset as those exceptional designers during this pivotal period in the history of typography.

Le Monde Sans Humanist Sans in 9 weights, romans and italics

Le Monde Sans family

Designed originally in 1994 for the Le Monde newspapers, it was expended over the years to the large family we know today. As many others members of the extensive Le Monde family, Le Monde Sans was revamped for the relaunch of Typofonderie website. Le Monde Sans Pro features now a “traditional g” (access via OpenType features) in addition to the usual 1994’s g. Le Monde Sans is offered in numerous weights — nine in total, in roman, italic to meet all kinds of situations.

Ambroise A Didot in 14 series & 3 widths

Ambroise family

Ambroise is a contemporary interpretation of various typefaces belonging to Didot’s late style, conceived circa 1830, including the original forms of g, y, &; and to a lesser extent, k. These characters are found in Vibert’s typefaces. Vibert was the appointed punchcutter of the Didot family during this period. It is the Black, of which sources were surest, and which was the basis for the conception of the family. In the second half of the 19th century, it was normal to find fat Didots in several widths in the catalogs of French type foundries.

Parisine Plus A fancy sanserif in 12 series

Parisine Plus family

Parisine Plus was designed in 1999 as an informal version of Parisine. A reaction to the subjective functionalism of Parisine. In fact, when Parisine try to express neutrality (a typeface is never neutral), Parisine Plus has fun with contrasts and not-so-obvious additions for a Sans family. Parisine Plus is a precursor in the way it offers many ligatures and strange forms we generally find more in serif typefaces families that express historical connotations.

Save 15% on your purchase of any of the 5 typeface family using the coupon “15_ZE” — special offer available until the 31 December 2012.