Since 2009, Typofonderie propose webfonts through his Typekit partner (also via WebINK). Such services are the best way to use easily fonts on the web, their interface works really easily. Each page (on Details tab) of our typeface catalog propose links to Typekit pages when available. It remain the only way to use our typefaces on the web. More details about the fontface support on our dedicated section, Webfonts. Recall that if you need Typofonderie fonts embedded in Applications, eBooks and so on, we propose various license options too.

Few days ago, Typekit added new fonts to their catalog. So you will be more than pleased to finally be able to use the AW Conqueror typeface collection on the web. Indeed, this family require a lot attention when you use it on screen, as it remain a titling typeface family. Don’t try to use AW Conqueror Didot, AW Conqueror Carved or AW Conqueror Inline for text settings without any risks. Considering this, we can’t wait to see good uses of AW Conqueror Carved in large sizes via clever use of CSS and jQuery. Let us know!

Le Monde Courrier was expended with new styles in addition to the existing ones. The Le Monde Courrier Book weight is well worth to be considered because of Retina screens.


Webfonts and @fontface
Embedding font license
AW Conqueror at ZeCraft
Le Monde Courrier
AW Conqueror, and more styles of Le Monde Courrier, from Typofonderie